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The issue of excessive mold found in homes and offices are quite common, and not all of the cases are being addressed.

MoldToxic / Black

We provide Toxic Mold testing, Black Mold inspection by a certified mold inspector. Need help, advice, or facts?


Our process uses the natural, green solution to clean and remove mold stains, including black mold.

Black Mold Removal !

Mold can be challenging and often leads to a great deal of confusion. In particular, a great deal of stigma is attached to black mold and black mold removal. Even experienced professionals sometimes believe that all black mold can be toxic.

The reasons for this are many. First, because of its’ black coloration, it is not readily visible unless it is contrasted against a very lightly colored surface, such as sheet rock. Second, it is one of the more toxic genuses of mold. By this we mean its’ mycotoxins, or defensive poisons, are specifically damaging to the respiratory and nervous system if one is exposed in concentrations, generally less, than other mold genus such as Cladosporium. Third, this genus of mold tends to grow, massively, in hidden locations. Many times its presence is detected, not by visible observation, but by its spores appearing in the results of a ‘bio-aerosol’ sampling.

Black mold removal can take a few hours or can also take several days. Depending on the level of black mold infestation in your area home will also dictate the level of black mold removal that will need to occur. The removal process is very tedious and requires special state of the art black mold removal equipment in order to be successful.

Removing the dangerous mold is a task that requires a certified and reputable contractor. It requires careful handling when coming in contact with the substance. Using every precaution available, full body suit, a respiratory mask, eye protection and gloves must be worn when removing the mold. There are numerous products than can be applied to remove the substance. Your contractor will discuss the proper procedure for your individual needs.

In addition to using funicides and other attacking agents, containment has to be done prior to any work. Containing the area the mold is growing will ensure that the spores that are disturbed by removal will not spread through out the home. certified technician will undertake black mold removal per your states standards. Be risk-free, be smart, You and your family's health relies on it.

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